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Deps Bumble Shad 4'' 6/pack

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“Bumble Shad” is a new concept shad tail that realistically reproduces the movement of baitfish with a wobbling action that is different from conventional shad tail types.
The vertically flat body has a high specific gravity material placed on the belly (lower) side, and the rolling wave from the tail is converted into side-to-side movement by the constriction on the side of the body, creating a pulsating wobbling. Combined with the slightly vibrating butt fin, the combined wave motion creates a spectacular effect on baitfish being attacked by fish eaters.
The power of the wobbling action of "Bumble Shad", which was derived from a thorough pursuit of the form, is fully demonstrated by the legendary catch of 4 fish of 60 cm UP in a single day, as well as the catch of up to 70 cm UP shortly after its release. 

The fin tail, which suppresses roll, creates a complex wave motion different from the tail due to the wobbling of the body, resulting in unprecedented biological action.

It is highly compatible with swimming jig trailers, such as bumble heads that attack structures tightly and without snags, long range tracing with hyper football jigs that do not easily float, and uphill tracing with flat back jigs that are easy to float.
With Texas rigs and no-sinker rigs, it is also effective as a snagless swimbait that can be shot into cover.

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