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Deps Japan

Deps Bumble Head 3/8oz & 1/2oz

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This bumble head was created to penetrate the middle of flat weeds that could not be caught by using a swim jig, and to attack standing trees and structures more tightly and without snags!
●Swim head with slip-through performance and range-keeping performance.
●A real head with a front-heavy design and a low center of gravity that suppresses the "easiness of floating" caused by setting the eye position at the tip of the head brings the swim posture close to horizontal, realizing the ideal swim jig strategy that keeps the range while slipping through.
●By removing the skirt, we are pursuing faster fall speed and further range keeping performance. The head design wraps around the worm, which serves as a trailer, from above and below, creating a sense of unity even without a skirt, and the newly designed wire keeper firmly holds the worm even after repeated full casts.


By having an eye position at the tip of the head, the real head has a low center of gravity and front-heavy design, which is different from conventional jigs that tend to float up.By concentrating the center of gravity at the front of the head, it is horizontal with less sagging. The balance design allows the swimmer to maintain a close swimming posture and immediately recover his/her posture even if he/she comes into contact with an obstacle or is hit immediately after passing through the weeds.


The eye position set at the tip of the head prioritizes weed slipping performance, making it possible to use a swimming method that makes more direct contact inside the weed.


A wire keeper that firmly secures the trailer even when used in full casts or in weed areas. Prevents soft bait from shifting and significant wear and tear.


The wide gap long shank hook made of heavy wire that can withstand rough fights with big bass not only improves hooking performance but also contributes to improved trailer holdability.


A V-shaped wire guard made of 0.35mm stainless steel spring wire that does not interfere with water flow resistance during swimming stabilizes your swimming posture, allowing you to attack standing trees and structures tightly without fear of getting caught.
When using, spread the wire left and right to form a V-shape, and adjust the angle back and forth depending on the weed and structure.
*Please note that frequently adjusting the angle of the guard will cause the guard to break easily.