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Yamamoto Yamacraw 3'' 8/pack

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Built for the overwhelming demand from pros and recreational anglers, the Yamamoto 3” Yama Craw is a downsized model of the original Yama Craw. Providing the same great action but in a smaller package, the Yamamoto 3” Yama Craw took into account the most common problems with smaller craw baits and utilizes a re-sized body proportion that is beefy enough to thread onto a jig without splitting and hold a sizable hook in a Texas-rig. The two claws also feature precisely molded channels that generate a hard kicking action that triggers aggressive bites.

Taking the Yamamoto 3” Yama Craw from great, to absolutely gotta have, is its proprietary Mega Floater Formula that not only makes the crustacean-imitator highly buoyant but also enables it to maintain a convincingly soft, yet powerfully durable composition. Its specialized formula ensures it will always stand up when your rig reaches the lake’s bottom to expertly mimic the defensive posture of a crawfish and drive bass into a feeding frenzy. Available in a wide range of Yamamoto’s best selling colors, the Yamamoto 3” Yama Craw is perfect for those times when you need a smaller more compact bait to trigger bites.

Hook size recommendation: #1-#1/0