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Stainless Steel with Titanium Coating High Qaulity Fishing Pliers

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1. Made from highly durable stainless steel with Titanium Coating for superior corrosion resistance

2. Giving anglers the perfect extended reach, the pliers makes it easier to remove hooks that are in delicate situations. And the nose features a sturdy split ring opener to make swapping treble hooks a breeze.

3. The pliers is provided with three different sizes lure tuning tool on the side to keep your lures running properly.

4. Equipped with high strength Tungsten cutters, The pliers are designed to cut through braided fishing lines with ease.

5. Grip Design Ergonomic grip ensures a firm grip during use, Fully ported grip to further reduce the weight.

6. The Pliers include a sturdy holster complete with a Strong-Coil 

7. Weight:0.131kg, Size:18.5cm