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RG 20 Wing Gundam EW 1/144 XXXG-01W

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  • Just one beat...  As the high mobility flight unit of Operation Meteor, the XXXG-01W Wing Gundam is piloted by Heero Yuy, a mysterious young man who covertly plants himself in the colonies. Heero fights alongside (and sometimes against) the four other Gundam pilots looking to dismantle the tyrannical organization OZ, who oppress those who live in the space colonies.
  • Modelled after Hajime Katoki's redesign, the RG Wing Gundam keeps the vibrant yet elegant styling, still present after its Bird Mode transformation. Of course, the added markings give this kit the true Katoki feel. Self destruct feature not included.

  • The RG line is equipped with the latest in injection-mold technology, aiming for a brand-new building experience for veterans and new modelers alike. A pre-assembled inner frame allows for easy construction with detailed sculpted parts on top.
  • Every RG model is crafted with realism in mind. Intricate decals, subtle parts, colour separation, dynamic posability, and mechanical gimmicks are sure to make your model stand out without additional modification required.

  • Approximately 114mm tall when assembled. No glue or plastic cement required.
  • Contents: Runners ×8, Realistic Decal Sheet ×1, Instruction Manual x1