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  • The Red Comet's ultimate mobile suit joins the Real Grade line. The MSN-04 Sazabi is the first mobile suit to be equipped with a Psycho Frame, allowing Char Aznable to pilot the suit using brainwaves. These waves also allow him to utilize the Sazabi's funnels, remote beam drones which allow Char to attack from all angles. Don't be fooled by its size, the Sazabi is an agile yet hardy suit, carrying a veritable arsenal. Only with such a suit can Char have his last battle with Amuro Ray.
  • The Real Grade line carries its tradition of elevating small scale kits, as no expense was spared with the legendary Sazabi. The combination of the detailed red panels with intricate inner frame (and gimmicks that show them off) make for a kit which rivals the MG Ver. Ka. variant. This is certainly a must-have model kit!

  • The RG line is equipped with the latest in injection-mold technology, aiming for a brand-new building experience for veterans and new modelers alike. A pre-assembled inner frame allows for easy construction with detailed sculpted parts on top.
  • Every RG model is crafted with realism in mind. Intricate decals, subtle parts and colour separation, dynamic posability, and mechanical gimmicks are sure to make your model stand out without additional modification required.

  • Approximately 178mm tall when assembled. No glue or plastic cement required.
  • Contents: Runners ×16, Realistic Decal Sheet ×1, Instruction Manual x1