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Raid Japan

Raid Japan Twoside 64mm Treble Hook included (Made in Japan)

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TWO SIDE is a topwater plug designed to maximize attracting fish in any situation. With the right rod work this lure can have a variety of actions, and protrusion at the mouth create splashes, spits, and sounds that are impossible to miss. Additionally, a specialized propeller attached to the tail creates a captivating swish sound plus splash and flash movements, drawing attention from even the deepest hiding spots. TWO SIDE is especially effective in pin spots like shorelines and overhangs, and when used with gentle rod work, can draw fish in from farther distances. When retrieved away from the target, the tail propeller rotates to produce a buzzbait-like sound and spray, keeping the attention of potential catches. TWO SIDE is a powerful 2WAY plug capable of producing technical and lively action when paired with a buoyant fishing line such as PE or Nylon line and with a light to medium-light rod.

Product Description:

  • Length: 64mm
  • Weight: 5/16oz
  • Type: Topwater


岡 友成Tomonari Oka


1980年生まれ 岡山県出身
RAID JAPANでロッドとソフトベイトの開発を担当するプロダクトディレクター。取材やテスト釣行以外にも、日々黙々と竿を振り続けるラン&ガンスタイルアングラー。