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Megabass Japan

MB Pop-X

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Introduced in 1996, the Megabass Pop X breathed new life into the old-style popper concept, adding a gill system and an attention to detail that immediately set this lure apart. While the carefully crafted contours and hand-finished paint job might draw your eyes first, the real magic lies within the Megabass original Side-Stepping Balancer system, which allows this popper to transform into a walking-style bait with short twitches of slack line. This patented technology features a fixed tungsten weight at the tail and a spherical tungsten balancer towards the front that moves from side to side. This channels the weight’s movement laterally, combining the spitting action of a popper with a truly unique rolling-dog-walk action. Of course, the Megabass Pop X can be worked like a regular popper, but unlike a conventional popper which only splashes, the patented gill system of the Pop X has two slits that allow for water to pass through, creating a more organic surface disturbance. In addition, the mouth of the Pop X is designed to maximize the spitting distance that can be achieved with each twitch, resulting in considerable water-displacement.

For best results, twitch the Megabass Pop X so that it moves about three inches at a time. At this pace, the Pop X will spit water about 10 inches, creating the impression of a wounded baitfish. Early mornings and cloudy days are particularly effective times to fish the Pop X. We suggest fishing the lure around grass beds, points, or down shoreline cover.

Product Specs:
  • Length: 2.5"
  • Weight: 1/4oz
  • Depth: Top Water
  • Type: Floating