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Jackall TN70 VIB (Tungsten Weight Lip)

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Stable swimming posture and castability, excellent bottom sensing ability. The TN series has characteristics such as good start-response after swimming and fluttering. It has been highly evaluated not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world for many years, including bass. We are proud of our achievements in various game fish in general.

The most important feature is the OMS (Out Metal System) equipped with a forming weight that uses a high specific gravity tungsten material set at the mouth. A low center of gravity due to the weight outside the body. It achieves a stable flight action at all speeds from casting, flight attitude and super slow to fast retrieve, and exhibits excellent bottom sensing ability and agile response to reposition.

In addition, even if the body size is the same, it will be possible to expand the range of fishing by using various versions such as the original, which is the basis of everything, effective silent under high pressure conditions, heavy bass sound and full tungsten with strong wave.

Product Description:

Length: 70mm

Weight: 17.3g