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G LUXXE AVENGE Vibe 58 14g

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The ``AVENGE Vibe 58'' was created with the idea of ``creating a vibration that you can use all day long.'' It has light pulling resistance, high-pitch action, and water push with torque that is firmly transmitted to your hand. It is a vibration that reduces the burden on the angler and maintains concentration. It can adjust to any situation and field by swimming without breaking even during ultra-high-speed retrieves and firmly chewing water even during slow retrieves. With a size of 58mm, the weight of approximately 14g increases flight distance, and the body, which is not only heavy but also securely buoyant, maintains a stable fall posture. In addition, the lure stands up on the bottom, improving response and leading to high obstacle avoidance ability. The ``AVENGE Vibe 58'' was created in the field after repeated tests from the angler's perspective.