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A shallow crankbait that allows you to practice aggressive attacks!!

Intense wobbling roll action,
I will call the bass from another range and bring it in for a part-time job.
With a lip shape that is intermediate between round and square,
It also avoids obstacles such as wood covers and riprap.
Stress-free flight distance despite its compact size of 50mm!!

Length: 50mm

Weight: 8g

Hook size: #8

Depth: 0.9-1m

diamond lens finish

International Patent

The “lens finish” inside the body spreads the shine over a wide area!! Induces a reaction bite!!

The built-in polyhedral lens shape expresses the scales of fish, while also realistically reproducing the complex color changes of baitfish. When swimming, it reflects diffusely and appeals to bass!!

Fixed center of gravity specification with good response

Since it swims faster after landing than the model that moves the center of gravity, it is possible to attack tight situations such as structures and overhangs without wasting any waste.

irregular action

By purposely adding weight to the lens part, it is easier to produce irregular actions and induce reaction bites.