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Deps Japan

Deps Sakamata Shad 7' 5/pack 28g Heavy Weight Version

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Jumping dirt action.
With keels on both sides of the body, it is a stick bait that naturally creates the jumping dart action that baitfish show by simply setting the hook, and easily turns on the predatory instinct of bass.
With a no-sinker, you can use a dirt action where the sweetfish or lotus run to the surface of the water, and occasionally jump out of the water with great force. Even at the bottom range of a split shot or Carolina rig, you can use the action to notice a bass and suddenly appear from the bottom and hide it. If you do this, you will be able to demonstrate the performance of "Sakamata Shad" and easily get a bite.

HEAVY WEIGHT material:SALT&GLASS SAND 70%(28.0g)

Offset Hook size recommendation: 5/0-6/0

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