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Deps Japan

Deps Buzzjet Jr.

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The Deps Buzzjet is revolutionizing topwater lures, combining features of several top-tier baits. The Buzzjet offers a realistic walk-the-dog action, coupled with loud rattles and a splashy presence. It can also be used as a shallow running crankbait, bulging and waking with the best. Rip it and the prop will draw a stream of bubbles, while the weight system shifts and the bait darts up to the surface like a fleeing fish. Draw out strikes by deadsticking and occasionally twitching or darting, and you'll have a formidable weapon in the Buzzjet - the most versatile hardbait available.

Product Description:

  • Length: 3" 
  • Weight: 1/2oz or 14g
  • Type: Wakebait
  • Slow-retrieve imparts a meandering wake on the water with a steady, fast vibration. In addition to the signature rumbling, "gurgling" sound, this lure emits glimmering, sonorous notes from its spinning props, accentuated with cascading water droplets, which facilitates an expansive, rapid search.
  • With a delicate twitch on a slack line, the Buzzjet Jr. walks the dog with a smooth and wide turn. 
  • If you dive with a strong jerk, it will appeal to bass with prop flushing and bubbles along with an air-filled “gob” sound. The variable balancer that shifts to the rear balance immediately when surfacing brings a unique action.