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Daiwa Steez Prop 85S (Sinking Prop) 8.5cm 13.8g

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Another Japan legend in the Steez range, developed by Koji Hasegawa in Japan.

This Search Bait is ideal for searching larger areas of water for active predators.
The extra-light propeller also runs with very good at slow bait movement - the special SaqSas coating on the holder also supports the slight rotation.
The Steez Prop can easily be retrieved constantly and attracts predators from almost all water layers to the bait.

Sinking prop is a very versatile model that can explore ranges from just below the water surface to slightly below. This model is best suited for retrieving shallow ranges with a dead throw, and is useful not only in big lakes but also in shallow ponds and small rivers. If you have to choose one among the three types, this is it without hesitation!

Ideal for searching from weed beds, deadwood, etc.

King of Thinking Prop Bait "Steez Prop" fully supervised by Koji Hasegawa.