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Daiwa Steez Minnow 110 SP (Suspending)

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A high performance minnow with good distance, good jerking, and good reeling.
You can roll it or jerk it. The Steez Minnow series, which boasts overwhelming castability, is a high-performance bait that performs all the basic functions required of a minnow lure at a high level. Its jerking performance, which minimizes irregular side-jumping to the left and right and allows it to be used around structures that often get caught, can be used in any field from fishing to boat fishing. SR & MR supervised by Shuya Akabane, the 'demon of the haze'. DR & EXDR supervised by Big Lake's popular guide Takahiro Miyake. All of them are special minnows packed with attention to detail.

Diving Depth

MR: 1.7m 15g

DR: 2.5m 15.6g

The low-ride eye structure ensures space for the center of gravity to move to the rear of the body, and the use of tungsten balls creates amazing castability. Minnow lures are often caught when the wind blows, such as in early spring or winter, and require high flight performance to cut through strong headwinds. Compared to minnows of the same size, the Steez minnow has particularly high castability in bad weather, and is one of the lures you'll want to keep in your tackle box no matter the situation.

Basic model. In order to attract reaction bites during the cold season, a sharp action such as quick action and stay is effective, and a suspended model is essential. It also features excellent castability, and the suspended model is useful when searching a wide area.

A surface treatment technology with amazing penetration power that could not be achieved with conventional plating treatments. By applying a special fluorine-based plating process to the surface of the firmness, the sticking performance is increased by up to 40% (average approximately 20%) compared to conventional painted firmness (our comparison). Catch small bites and short bites that you couldn't match before. Once you experience the "crisp" sensation that is completely different from the firmness you've experienced before, it's sure to be unforgettable. Please note that it has a very firm texture, so please be more careful when handling it.